Friday, December 11, 2009

Almost ROTTEN!

Oh my GOSH . Its been so long since i last update my blog . Been working like hell and played too much Maple Story from level 56 - 135 and spend almost 6xx sgd for it . Shyt ! haha..but back now and its my off today . As usual .. wake up , check facebook , call my love of cos . haha..then i went to apply for China visa at Sembawang . know what? i take bus to Ang Mo Kio mrt station then took me 4 stations to reach there and i realised i need to show them my air ticket so i took the mrt back to Ang Mo Kio station and took bus to my house..grab my air ticket then head to there again . gosh. I stop by at KFC for lunch . haha . Had my favourite coconut pie and cheese fries . applied my visa already and it cost me 75 dollars . i heard its pretty expensive tho but oh well...its kinda urgent .
Then i went to fair price at AMK Hub , do some groceries shoppin . Bought a pack of Yeo's chrysanthemum tea that contains 6 boxes in it and a packet of twisties of tomato flav . Haha thats all i grab . Just had Carrot cake for my high tea and im still kinda full right now. Dont know wanna have what for dinner later .

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Everything was just like a normal day for me and My Baby. I was split shif today and She was morning shif from 7am - 6pm . My Baby told me that She was told to see the operation manager after she finish work later. We could guess that it was probably about her contract will be extended 1 more year as the operation manager told us before that My Baby will be extended 1 year more.

But later on at 6pm, My Baby told me a really bad news. Before She tell me, she ask me dont cry. I was like OH MY GOD! I can guess whats happening. The operation manager told Her that she wont be extended 1 more year as they need someone who can work 2 years. I was like WHAT THE FUKC? ( Hum kar leng ) before that the operation manager told me and My Baby that She will be extended and now cannot. What!

For what's on my mind now, the operation manager must be behind all this . At first the operation manager offer Her 2 years contract - take it or leave it . Ok..My Baby cant because She need to continue her study. After that, one of the person from HR ask My Baby why she dont want to be extended and My baby told that person that 2 years its too long for her as She needs to continue her study . But that person said that it was only 1 year and not 2 years . Oh Owww - Get it my dear blog viewers? Someone is trying to make funny here . So, that person from HR went and talk to the operation manager . Dont know what happen and what they were talking about but after that My Baby was extended 1 year more . I was so happy to hear that .

But now? The operation manager say cant again . Me , ADRIAN , need the FUCKING TRUTH FROM YOU OPERATION MANAGER!! I JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? YOU KEEP CHANGING THINGS . Me and My Baby decided that She wont take and of the operation manager's offer anymore even if the operation manager offers again. Am i right my friends and viewers?

Friday, July 31, 2009


Happy 4 Lovely months baby!!! Hope You enjoy the video! Haha.. Im so happy that its been 4 months already . I love you and thank You so much for all the love You gave me and the ralph lauren perfume that you gave me last night. I love it very much.

Well , to share with you guys out there..She gave me a suprise last night when she told me that she's going to bed early but i can feel that she's just around me as im still working . as soon as i finish working..i went out and i recieved a call from her askin me to turn around and look straight. and i saw Her sitting there waiting for me. Haha!! im so happy and suprised that She did that. Well, i gave Her a suprise too early in the morning where i suddenly appear outside Her house and send her to work .
I work at 3pm so i decided to give her a suprise . I woke up at 4.30 am and get myself ready . Went out from home at 5am and took a taxi and head to Her house . reach at 5.15am and listen to my iPod while waiting the clock strikes 5.45am as she's going to wake up that time . as the clock strikes 5.45am..i texted her whether she's already awake or not. i went up and wait for Her outside the lift . I heard noises of someone closing the door so i know that its my lovely wife thats coming . She was still sleepy and a little bit blur but She was so suprised to see me appear so early in the morning . Her tears drop from her eyes as She was really happy to see me . I miss Her alot . I hug her and send Her to work . We had breakfast at the canteen and She went to work..after that i went back home.

My life has never been this better and I know that i've found the most perfect Love of My Life. I'm NO ONE and i go to singapore without anything . Things changed when she came to singapore and steped into my life . She make me become SOMEONE and gave me the love i need . I dont know how to thank Her but I'll give her all my love and care always . Im always by your side and always remember - TOGETHER WE'RE FOREVER. 3 little words for you Baby , ' I LOVE YOU ' and it gives a big meaning from me . See You later ..Haha, I just send her to work and im waiting for her to finish work .

- Love always,

- This picture was taken last night in my room and She was just beside me!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trip To Malaysia ( Genting )

Yeah Yeah! On the 13th June till 24th June, Me and my Baby went to Malaysia for to spend our holidays. Haha we have been plannin this for quite some time already and finally it came tru . First, we went to Genting . we set off from singapore bus terminal around 6.30am and reach genting at about 3pm . Got caught in a traffic jam somewhere near kl so it took us so long to reach there. Meet my parents up there and we extended 1 more night at genting.

Played a Father's Day game at genting and we won the first prize. Haha .

The prizes are 2 free tickets , and 2 tickets 30% off to watch ' Dreams ' . ( Its kinda like a magic show and some crazy performances ), a small hamper of chocolates and some postcards. wakakaka . was fun . we whole family including my baby went to watch the show . It was really awsome and we couldnt believe our eyes. too bad no pictues were allowe inside . This is all i got.

We stayed there for 2 nights and it was really really fun . And after that..its time to go to Penang . Woohoo . Here i come baby!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


My sayang,
Im so happy that she came up to 5th floor to find me today.I got shock to see her standing there. Haha she's always full of suprises. anyway , next week's roster is a little sad because we got different working time. Although we have the same offday, which is on monday & tuesday ..but on the following day i'll be working afternoon and she'll be working morning . Thats so sad but anyway..i cant wait to spend my 11 days of annual leave with her at Malaysia. I've been dreamin bout this for a long time already and finally its comin tru . ^^ ahh! so happy .

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Little Something

It's my baby's off tomorrow but she have to work OT . Im sure she'll be very tired because she's afternoon shif today . But i get to see her tomorrow tho. Well, im going to have dinner with her tomorrow . Do you want to eat ''tang yuen'' my sayang? Haha..see you tomorrow. I miss you eventho i get to see you awhile just now.Call you tonight .

Love ,
Your sayang

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spending My Offday With My Baby

this is my dear adrian...i love him very much...and i know he like play play..but i still love him..he's my naughty boy......i"mYuvier

This is me and my baby Yuvier, I love her so much eventho she always bully me. Muahzz . Im yours and NO ONE is going to take me away from you my sayang. Love, Adrian .